Powering Digital Transformation Toward a Sustainable Future
With an ever increasing demand for energy, grid operations management, as well as renewable energy sources, are key components to improving energy efficiency and demand. Digitalization is a key part of that picture to ensure the effective energy transformation of grids to achieve a long-term sustainable future.
Improving Energy Efficiency
Real-Time Monitoring and Site Asset Status
Instant Power Generation Performance Overview
Increased Power Conversion Efficiency
Success Stories
Achieving Sustainable Energy Management with Advantech Facility Management Solutions
Mirai Electronics and Advantech Work Hand-in-hand to Achieve a Sustainable Future for Singapore
Electric Grid Modernization Challenges: The Importance of Implementing Edge Intelligence for Active Grid Management
Solution Offerings
Edge Gateway Solutions
Provides Secure and Reliable Data Transmission
Cloud-enabled Intelligent Communication Gateway
Wireless Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit
Process Visualization with Modular Box Platform
Device Connectivity Solutions
Collects Geographically Distributed Data
Industrial 4-port
Modbus Gateway
5FE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
TI Cortex A8 Communication Gateway
IoT Wireless I/O with 1RS-485
8-Channel Analog
Input Module
6 Relay Output/
6 DI Module
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